I have not been and will not be continuing to provide further session log summaries, as they seem to be unnecessary with the current group :)

Session 11: 01/24/2012

The PCs attempt to track down Morgan Shyurr (Lord Gilligan’s son), but a far more urgent threat arises, as not one, but two planar conjunctions with the Abyss occur… releasing demons into the world, to overrun the mortals.

Session 10: 01/17/2012

Lord Caspian concludes his investigation. Lady Filina Rhos, Marona’s younger sister, shows up and takes charge of her sibling. The other bodies in the manor are discovered, Asandar works a morbid ritual, and discovers that the murderer is definitely a werewolf… an unusually strong, powerful, and in-control werewolf. Lord Gilligan’s safe is discovered burgled.

Session 9: 01/10/2012

For the two days leading up to and the day of Midsummer, the traditional festivities took place in Gis Galen despite the tense atmosphere. In fact, if anything the celebrations were a good deal more outrageous than usual, with many refugees joining in, and a good deal of the military – particularly the officers – taking leave to the city for the duration.

Two nights before Midsummer’s Eve, however – on the first night of the full moon – tragedy struck House Shyurr. Lord Gilligan, four of his servants, and two guards were discovered dead in or near his home, and Lady Morena Shyurr had been attacked by the same murderer. The unit was summoned initially by Captain Keirnan Hanst, who thought to bring them in to track the murderer’s bloody trail through the sewers.

Suula, examining the scene, found that the murderer was practically dripping magic of some sort – a raw, primal, chaotic magic that left a trail behind that he could track. Between he and Aiowyn, they manage to follow the trail of the first team that Captain Hanst had reluctantly sent into the sewers, despite the danger, as they followed right on the murderer’s trail. This led them straight into an ambush, however; little sooner had they stumbled over the bodies of the first guard unit, then Yashir walked straight into a transparent gelatinous ooze – and they were quickly then ambushed by several more monsters of the sewer.

The unit defeated the monsters handily enough, earning a reward in the form of the metallic treasures that the ooze had been storing in its body. The delay had cost them, however; when Suula and Aiowyn kept after the trail, they found it led to a dead end: an enormous pipe leading into the river. With so many strangers in town, and nearly half the city drunk, searching the entire riverbank for a single person, of whom they did not even have a description, would be impossible. Instead, the team returned to the surface, to find themselves summoned by Lord Doric Penn to attend to the slaughter in the manor. Most of the team stayed behind to retrieve the bodies of their fallen fellow guards, although Asandar and Caelik went on ahead. When the rest of the team dallied, Caelik went to hurry them along, while Asandar went to speak to the only survivor of the grim night: Lady Marona Shyurr.

He found her weeping and very upset, but not catatonic as she’d been found by the previous shift. When he questioned her, he managed to get a description of the beast, which seemed to be part wolf, with dark grey or brown fur. Most shockingly, she claimed that her husband had killed himself: after the beast had bit both Lord Gilligan and the lady herself on the shoulder, Gilligan had chosen to fall upon his sword. The lady’s wound had already healed by the time Asandar arrived, though her sleeve was stained with blood.

When the rest of the team arrived, they examined the master bedroom, where Lord Gilligan’s body lay on the floor, having fallen onto his sword – and clearly, he had not been forced into that position. There were also a few coarse brown hairs – like animal fur – upon his clothing, near the bite on his shoulder. Suula, in detecting for magick, discovered that Lord Gilligan had a magical circle in his study next to the master bedroom, and immediately began to hypothesize that the murderer was a summoned creature. Before he could get too far in his speculations, however, a new player arrived upon the scene along with the Lord Warden: the Margrave Caspian Turrm, the younger brother of Duke Galen and the Lord General of the King’s Fleet. He explained that he had heard about the massacre through the usual gossip of nobles and servants and that, bored with being called back to Gis Galen for mere politicking, he wished to attempt to track down the murderer. Aiowyn took exception to this, and rudely held him back, but let him go once Caspian had explained himself and Lord Doric had protested. The Lord Warden vouched for Caspian’s skills as a tracker and remonstrated Aiowyn for his ill manners.

Session 8: 01/02/2012

The afternoon had grown quite late, and the group was still attempting to move the wooden plinth – but now two of their number were trapped as trees. Caelik, in accordance with the terms of his bargain with the Leansidhe, attempted to shed some light on Cianwen’s mindset, but she was dismissive of his words. Meanwhile, she approached the party one by one again, speaking of what she could offer them. All refused her except for Tandem – who, fearing he would be trapped as a tree forever, and lured by the promise of the Leansidhe’s power, gave his fate over to her entirely…

Aiowyn, although now given a human face, found that he could still speak the language of trees – and so he attempted to converse with Braeda, who was right beside him. She had long been sleeping, but awoke at his insistence. When the situation was explained to her, she apologized for the entire debacle, insisting that the plague upon travellers had been unintentional – for when she had searched out the Leansidhe years before, she had deliberately met the fey deep in the wilderness, far from any innocents who might be harmed if a magical battle occurred. The nearby road had not yet then been built. However, Braeda was unable to offer much help; after all, the Leansidhe already owned her fate.

Eventually, the party discovered a loophole. Although the Leansidhe was bound to protect her trees, she referred to the change of form as ‘destruction’. However, she refused to simply change Braeda back to human form – indeed, although she seemed desperate to make some sort of bargain, in the face of the war that would soon sweep over the land, she stated quite bluntly that she could not break the enchantment on Braeda without receiving a fair offer in return. After more bargaining, Asandar agreed to shoulder the burden, offering three favours to the Leansidhe, provided they would not violate his morals. Caelik and Shogarr also agreed to help Asandar complete these favours, provided that fulfilling a favour didn’t take longer than a year.

With this assured, the Leansidhe turned Braeda back to human form with a quick snap of her fingers. As soon as this was done, the plinth also shimmered, transforming back into the form of Cianwen, who immediately collapsed, her strength worn thin by using her own soul to power such strong magical wards for centuries. As soon as Cianwen was carefully carried ten feet away from the plinth’s location, nearly two hundred more trees also vanished – and were restored to their previous forms.

Cianwen, like Braeda, apologized for the harm that had been done to travelers. Despite her weakness, she immediately attempted to restore Aiowyn and Tandem, who had not been turned back. After a few minutes, she managed to restore Aiowyn, but as Tandem had made a bargain with the Leansidhe, there was nothing she could do for him. He was doomed to remain as he was, until the Leansidhe wished otherwise. In thanks, Braeda also offered magical repayment: wards, placed upon either the party or the party’s gear, individually. She began by offering a Sun Blessing to Asandar – who had assumed the burden of owing the Leansidhe three favours.

When she turned to examine her work with magical sight, her attention was caught by the sky, instead. After looking at it only briefly, she insistently asked which nation the kingdom was at war with, but had not heard of Cortel. When she was told that Cortel had been formed by the king of Corath, she was incredulous, claiming that if that were true, then demons would have long since overrun these lands. Claiming that something was obviously wrong – and looking concerned for Cianwen – instead of continuing to place wards she gave Aiowyn a token-stone, stating that she intended to find out what was going on, and would return to offer the rest of the wards later. She crushed a powerful magical gem in one hand, and instantly teleported away with Cianwen.

The party was left with some two-hundred former trees, whom they rounded up to herd back to Gis Galen – arriving shortly after midnight. At the same time, they met Suula, a gnomeling who had been imprisoned less than a decade ago when he had been hired to discover what was happening to the travelers, and offered his services in thanks to the party for rescuing him (while trying to figure out what he was supposed to do now). A shifter monk, Yashir, decided to do the same – for he had been imprisoned the longest of any of the ex-trees, and was now very much adrift.

Session 7: 12/20/2011

The group discovered that the object to be moved was a wooden plinth, carved in the shape of a small tree – and yet clearly not. As it was at least partly embedded in the ground, it could not be tipped over. Runes covered its surface as well, clearly showing (as if the circumstances did not make it obvious enough) that the plinth was clearly magical, although initially the magic seemed to be dormant.

A bargain with the Leansidhe – a favor from Shogarr, she claimed, in exchange for the story – revealed the local legend: Centuries ago, a powerful druid named Cianwen walked the land, quickly becoming known for her ability to speak to all things. In time, she took a lover: the wizard Braeda. Braeda had been locked in among her books all her life, but through Cianwen’s influence she stepped forward into the world and her power blossomed. Braeda was a student of Eresis, the Shining One, whose soul was destroyed by the Emperor of the Western Skies, the Great Wyrm of Sunsets. To restore her teacher, Braeda sought a healing artifact of immense power: so great, that it was almost as if it could reverse time… but only for a year and a day.

Eventually, Braeda’s search led her to a powerful fey, whom she believed to know the whereabouts of the artifact. She was running short on time by then, however, and forced to accept a high gamble for the knowledge – and lost. Her fate was claimed by the fey. Understandably, Cianwen was not pleased with this when she discovered what had occurred – but she did not possess the power to force the fey to release Braeda, and the fey would not accept her fate in exchange for Braeda’s, claiming that Braeda’s was the more valuable. Angered, Cianwen bound the fey as strongly as she could, giving up her own life in the process.

After learning this, the party quickly determined that the Leansidhe was the fey. But to rescue the travelers that they’d set out to save, they had no real option except to accept the challenge. When one of the party attempted to touch the plinth, however, it threw back the offender and its magic came to life. It was then decided to test if the plinth could only repel one person at a time: to test this, everyone touched the plinth at once. But the protective wards clearly didn’t appreciate this, and powerful summoning magic responded to the threat, calling forth magically enlarged spiders and fungi to attack the party, while the sun suddenly grew lower in the sky…

Once the spiders had been beaten off, the party regrouped to examine their options once more. The Leansidhe wandered about, sometimes speaking to the group, sometimes speaking to individuals, offering them bargains. After a time, it became apparent that she kept returning to visit one tree – by far, the oldest in the clearing. Another minor bargain was made, and the Leansidhe revealed that the tree was Braeda: the first tree so formed. Aiowyn, examining the plinth more closely, determined that its wards were tied to Braeda’s tree in a trigger: if the tree was destroyed, then the wards would unravel. It also became apparent that Cianwen’s soul was still present in the plinth, and that she was not so gone as the legend would make her out to be.

This suggestion, however, prompted dismissal from the Leansidhe, who warned the party that she was obligated to protect her trees. Ignoring this warning, Tandem threw fire at Braeda’s tree, singing it, although he didn’t manage to do much harm. The Leansidhe reacted swiftly, showing her own powerful magic overtly for the first time, and transformed Tandem into a tree. The wards on the plinth also did not appreciate this attack on Braeda’s tree, and summoned forth rain, mud, and snakes to bite at the party while the Leansidhe vanished into the forest. Aiowyn, convinced that Braeda’s tree had to be destroyed, left his companions to fend off the snakes and attacked the tree with his dagger. However, the Leansidhe had not gone far, and swiftly reappeared, turning him into a tree as well.

While Caelik, Asandar, and Shogarr fought off the snakes, the Leansidhe whispered of bargains to Aiowyn. He kept silent, believing that the only way he could hurt her was to annoy her by refusing to entertain her. The other three, still free, were successful in fighting off the plinth’s third round of defenses – but the sun dipped lower still in the sky…

Caelik, quite frustrated with the Leansidhe, did attempt to bargain with her to free Aiowyn, but Aiowyn refused to agree to any such bargain – and so Caelik abstained from making a deal that his friend would regret. When the Leansidhe offered, however, he did agree to trade insight into Cianwen’s mind – as a fellow mortal who was frustrated by having a companion turned into a tree – in exchange for the Leansidhe twisting the spell to allow Aiowyn to speak directly to the rest of the group.

Session 6, 12/13/2011

The team returned to debrief the Lord Warden fully of what they found. The Lord Warden explained that Sandred and Yanissa, Sanner’s wife, had both been detained and revealed as cultists under questioning. He had also sent messages to Gis Gorion, the kingdom’s capital, but authorities there were not concerned with a possible kingdom-wide resurgence of the cult and had no interest in the prisoners. As the team also believed that there was nothing to be learned from the prisoners, they were sentenced to be executed, along with Kempter the necromancer, and all three were burned at the stake at sundown, leaving Linder‘s whereabouts as the only aspect of the investigations that had not been died up. Their ire appeased somewhat by the public execution, the masses of Gis Galen began to settle down. Meanwhile, the team divided up the treasure from the dragon’s hoard and enjoyed some downtime. To bring the team’s strength back up to six members, the Lord Warden promoted Guardsman Shogarr Ronah to the squad, stating that although Shogarr might look strange, he came highly recommended not only by Captain Gralt but also by the Church of Bahamut, which had trained him. He replaced Glymm, who had finally been called up by the wizard’s guild even despite his race.

About a week passed, and midsummer drew near, as did the accompanying festival. The city’s mood grew determinedly frantic, as the populace tried to focus on the celebrations as a way to ignore the general poverty and misery. Refugees continues to flock into the city, with many more coming from the border towns and villages, telling tales of raids from over the Paragaan border. Refugees coming from the south, however, had different horror stories: of a mysterious Woman of the Road, known to make difficult bargains with those who did not respect cats, and of friends and fellows snatched away by her.

One refugee, Marta, managed to make her case to Lord Doric, who called in the PCs to investigate. She described a strange looking woman, who had ‘something wrong with her’, and the same type of eyes as Aiowyn – the eyes of a Fey creature. Marta stated that as her group camped the previous night, several great cats surrounded them and the strange fey woman appeared. She bargained with Marta’s husband for the safety of the group, and then the husband, cats, and woman all disappeared. Lord Doric ordered the team to find the woman and put a stop to the stealing away of refugees.

The group headed out south along the road. While many of the refugees seemed unusually nervous of Aiowyn, one woman proved a valuable source of information for Tandem and Shogarr, telling them about the stories of fey who would be offended if you traveled through their territory, or stopped and ate without making an offering. The woman claimed, however, that the fey were not disappearing to somewhere else – it was simply that they were known to be very good at hiding, so good as to be invisible. The group, deciding that the best way to catch a fey out would be to offend it, decided to break for lunch and pointedly not offer anything, but saw nothing unusual during their meal. Afterwards, they continued along the road for a time, during the heat of the day, when most of the refugees cleared off the road for a rest. As the group was about to contemplate taking a rest themselves, however, several members spotted flashes of blue off to the sides of the road – some to the left, and some to the right – and the buzzing of hornets filled the air.

As they crested a rise, they found the source of the buzzing – an strangely thick swarm of hornets. The more observant members of the group, however, also saw that the hornets left tiny trails of blue in the air as they flew. When the swarm came closer, Caelik swatted at it, which apparently angered it enough to attack. At this point, several panthers pounced from the tree, striking at the front and back of the team’s line.

After a long, tiring battle against the fey creatures – which bled not blood, but blue light, and dissolved into motes of light when they were slain – Tandem finally finished off the hornets with a burst of flame. One of the panthers teleported away as if to flee, but Aiowyn and then the rest of the group pursued; seeing this, it turned on them again, and Aiowyn struck to kill it – but before his blow could land, the panther dissolved, and the team was greeted with a woman’s mocking laughter, as the fey woman appeared before them.

Caelik and Tandem almost immediately realized that the woman was a Sidhe – a very powerful fey, although one bound by a code of conduct that included an inability to lie or to break bargains. Aiowyn was particularly wary and distrustful of her, frustrated by the way she kept referring to him as her cousin. Several minor bargains were made; Tandem bargained his name in return for hers, and was told that she was the Leansidhe. Aiowyn bargained his name in return for knowing what she gained from the secret of Marta’s husband’s fate, and was told that she gained knowledge, which is power (particularly to her). When Aiowyn initially refused to provide his name, however, doubting the fullness of the Leansidhe’s answer, the leaves of the trees around the clearing began to darken, and other party members quickly advised him to give her his name. Caelik attempted to bargain with her using gold, but she demonstrated that gold had no value to her by plucking a handful of it from a sunbeam. Tandem also unwisely begged a favour of her, asking her to tell them of Marta’s husband’s fate, not realizing that he was offering a favour in return: the Leansidhe quickly accepted, and revealed that Marta’s husband had entered a contest with her – the same contest she offered Tandem and the rest of the group – with the terms being that, if he lost, he would forfeit his fate to her for a hundred years, to do with as she wished, provided she returned him to the state he was at the beginning. She stated that she had set him to guard the site of the contest, in the hope that he might be fortunate enough to witness someone succeed where he had failed.

After some further bargaining, the Leansidhe began to lead the group to the site of the contest, which was to move a particular heavy weight, with the proviso that should the group attempt to touch or move the weight, they would have accepted the challenge, but that they could look their fill before doing so. On the way to the site, terms were discussed, and Caelik also mused on about the motivations of the Leansidhe, explaining that he thought her main motivation was to be amused. When he bargained for her opinion, she explained that she thought they ought to ask for the fate of Marta’s husband to be returned to him. When Caelik mentioned that the coming war might curtail her fun, her expression briefly froze – the first and only response from her thus far that had not been smiles, laughter, or exaggerated dismay.

After much bargaining, it was eventually settled upon that if the group lost the challenge, the Leansidhe would control their fates for a hundred years, to do with as she pleased provided that she return their fates to them at the end of that time, and that they be in the same condition then; if the group won, however, she would give over to them all forfeits she had won from contests in the past century in the current country, and would abstain from taking any forfeits from contests in that country for one century. The contest deadline would be sundown of the same day, and the group would have to move the weight at least 10 feet, unless they re-bargained that distance before accepting the challenge. Upon agreement for these final terms, the party immediately arrived at a clearing: the site of the challenge.

Session 5: 12/06/2011

Session 5: 12/06/2011

Reinforcements arrived to retrieve Rhea’s body for burial and to take Seidhr away until he could recuperate. The Lord Warden sent two squads of regular guards to back up the group: one squad to secure the area, and another to spread out and search for any other possible entrances to the underground chamber. Two mages were also sent to join Caelik’s group: a sorcerer, Tandem, and the last wizard remaining on the guard – the gnome Glymm, who had avoided being called up by the Wizard’s guild for military service by virtue of being a somewhat disreputable gnome.

The team cautiously began to explore the underground complex, beginning with the cellar. Caelik overheard voices in the room beyond, and quickly realized an ambush had been prepared. After Glymm unlatched the door with a quick and silent use of mage hand, the team debated in whispers how best to enter the room, until Aiowyn grew tired and ran at it, dropping into a low slide to kick it open. Caelik rushed in, downing several unwashed, strangely fanatical men and women led by Sanner Darr, while three robed mages fired spells at the group from behind overturned tables. One of the mages was quick to retreat, but the others died with their comrades. Sanner shouted fanatically, but was quickly dispatched by the grim guardsmen, who were eager to avenge their fallen comrade.

The team proceeded to follow the mage who fled through the other available door. The hallway beyond was shoddily constructed, with wooden struts haphazardly holding up the ceiling and dirty wooden planks passing for a floor. The tunnel took a quick bend before coming to another door – but this one seemed to be trapped somehow. Aiowyn attempted to disarm it, but although he figured out that the trap was linked not to the door, but to the panels beneath it, he could not figure out how to disable the mechanism. Instead, he recommended jumping over the panels – a ten foot jump.

Caelik opened the door and ran straight into the middle of another crowd of fanatics, taking powerful hits from their clubs before he swept his weapon about and slew all of his assailants in one powerful attack. Aiowyn teleported in after him, then threw a knife into the throat of a fanatic who stood near the door. As the body slumped down, a lever was revealed.

Tandem and Asandar also entered – though the latter only barely made the jump even with a running start – throwing spells at the three mages who stood at the back of the room, who retaliated likewise with thunder and lightning. Glymm also hurled spells forth, though he stayed beyond the trap. As they took fire, one of the mages attempted to retreat and activate yet another trap. An enormous pendulum scythe swung out from the wall, but although it came close to Asandar and mangled several corpses on its way across the room, it did no further damage than that.

This time, the group kept one of the mages alive – although hamstrung. The mage was just as fanatical as Sanner, and kept shouting about the glory of his goddess – which, from his ramblings, the group managed to identify as Tiamat. Caelik left him to die a slow death, but the mage only laughed, wheezing out with his last breath that, “The high priest… will rip out… your hearts.”

Two doors led beyond. Checking one, Caelik found that it seemed to be a filthy sleeping area, with many ragged blankets forming pallets, but with nothing of worth within. The other door led to an area that was much better constructed, possibly making use of the outside of a nearby sewer wall. It was a large-ish cave, with gold piled high in the alcoves, and a pile of corpses, partly dissolved, being gnawed upon by rats. The sound of rushing water echoed from the back of the cave; it seemed that there was an underwater connection to the river.

As the group came closer, the rats bristled at them, but didn’t attack until Glymm suddenly shouted. Caelik had time to recall the Spirit’s words – “The rats only eat the dead!” – before suddenly, a shadow loomed out of the water… revealing a young black dragon, used to strangers equalling food.

The group was blasted by the dragon’s breath weapon several times, and at times all combat ground to a halt as they attempted to figure out where it was in the clouds of darkness that it was capable of summoning – summoning, and then reaching out to maul its targets before retreating into darkness. At one point it seemed like it would attempt to escape by the river, but Aiowyn blocked it off, and finally Tandem was able to hit it with a spell that knocked it down to bleed upon its piles of gold, dying.

The group did attempt to interrogate it – after trussing it up like a turkey, with all four legs and tail and neck bound together – but it only ranted at them for their insolence. After it attempted to use its magic once more, Caelik swiftly beheaded it.

The group was left to consider the cave and the underwater entrance, and their complete lack of prisoners. Tandem in particular thought that there was more to the situation than met the eye, but Caelik had no patience for him. Eventually, Glymm used a spell to turn some of the water purple, so that it could be noted where it came out. Caelik sent off a message stating victory to the Lord Warden, who sent back a jubilant reply, stating that if they had the dragon’s head intact to display it, they could keep its hoard for themselves. Caelik stuffed the head in the bag, and after some argument, the group trekked back to the cellar entrance to go debrief with Lord Doric.

Session 4: 11/29/2011

After recovering on the street above, the Lord Warden summoned Caelik and his team to explain the brief message about cannibalism that Caelik had sent. Lord Doric was not pleased that the team had lost Brandt, and after chewing them out, dismissed them for the night, ordering them to report at dawn the next day. Captain Keirnan of the Night Watch was ordered to keep a look out for anyone fitting Linder’s description, but come dawn, his men had found nothing.

Caelik’s team spent some time searching the sewers, but although they found Brandt’s corpse – which apparently rose as a zombie, although unknown to the rest of the group this was due to mere trickery on Rhea’s part – they returned to question the remaining butchers, beginning with Sanner Darr, the butcher whom Rhea and Seidhr had questioned the morning before.

Sanner was in the midst of packing up his belongings, stating that he planned to move on to a different city, due to the threat of war growing too close (and the people growing too hysterical). Upon being questioned, he explained that he was able to catch rats by baiting his traps with the corpses of other rats, explaining that the rats in cities. When the group insisted on seeing some of this bait, he sent his son, Sandred, to fetch it from the cellar. Rhea insisted upon going with him, which the young man protested; eventually, Sanner went down himself, and Sandred left in a huff. Aiowyn trailed him for a short while, but when he realized he was being followed, Sandred broke into a run and Aiowyn gave up the chase as not being worth it.

Meanwhile, Sanner suddenly knocked Rhea to the ground in the cellar, activating the unexpected defences of the room and locking her in with several oozing monsters. In the ensuing battle, Rhea was slain only shortly after the team managed to get the locked trapdoor open and try to go to her aid. Seidhr, trying vainly to reach beyond death to heal her, collapsed from magical exhaustion. Captain Caelik sent an urgent message to the Lord Warden, and the group retreated from the cellar – leaving Sanner locked within – to meet the reinforcements sent.

Session 3: 11/22/2011

The Lord Warden summoned Asandar, a young deva cleric of Pelor who had been working in the regular guard for about a year, and informed him that as Captain Caelik Yoren’s new case involves necromancy, Asandar was now assigned to help out the elite guard team. After receiving a message from Caelik informing him that a body had been discovered in butcher Gordon Brandt’s shop, the Lord Warden sent Asandar to meet up with the rest of the group.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group was questioning Brandt. Aside from the recently slain boy, there were the butchered remains of two other humans in his shop. Brandt begged and pleaded, stating that he was ‘forced’ to sell human flesh by a man named Linder. However, he also mentioned that he and Linder split the profits, and seemed to find nothing really wrong with killing ‘trash’. He knew nothing of any bite marks. At first he claimed that he and Linder only met at the end of the week, and it was always Linder who set up the meets, but after Rhea successfully convinced him that the team would let him walk away if he could give them Linder, he stated that he believed Linder to be in the sewers nearby and would take them there.

Seidhr thought Brandt was lying, but after briefly attempting to get him to say more, did not voice any further reservations. The team entered a sewer grate nearby with Brandt in tow and spread out to explore – only to stumble across three ghouls and a swarm of rats feasting upon the remains of corpses, along with a malevolent wraith. Brandt, terrified, knocked Aiowyn over and fled into the darkness in a complete panic… where something else found him. As the team fought for their lives, Brandt screamed his last. Caelik, too, came very close to death, prompting Rhea to blast the swarming rats into smithereens in an impressive display of sorcery.

Late in the fight, after Brandt had been killed, the wraith disappeared – and mysteriously did not reappear. After the fight was over, however, a translucent spirit appeared, and seemed to be pleading for something. When Aiowyn stepped closer, the spirit stole some of his life force, which fuelled the ghost of a slain woman long enough for her to speak clearly: “He ate me… so I ate him.” It also offered to tell Aiowyn a secret: “The rats only eat the dead.” However, none of the party had any idea what this meant.

Exhausted and beaten up, when the party heard more moaning noises, which might or might not have been the filthy breeze that blows through the sewers, everybody decided to retreat to the surface, where Rhea was kind enough to clean everyone off with some quick prestidigitation.


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