House Rules

  • Both common and uncommon items may be purchased or enchanted by PCs. Rare magic items may not be purchased or enchanted by PCs. If you would like a rare magic item, please speak to me.
  • You may use half-forged residuum to create any common or uncommon magic item you wish, including tattoos, but NOT including boons.
  • Boons of any sort cannot be purchased by PCs. If you are interested in a boon, please speak to me.
  • Martial Practices may be purchased in Gis Galen up to level 4. If you are interested in buying a martial practice of a higher level, please speak to me.
  • Common items sell at/reduce to raw residuum worth 20% of their base price. Uncommon magic items reduce/sell at 50% of their base price.

  • PCs cannot make more than 5 attacks per round.
  • Neither monsters or PCs gain cover from standing behind each other.

Non-lethal combat
  • If PCs would like to knock out an NPC, they can simply specify that when they make the hit that reduces the NPC to 0 HP.
  • If NPCs are attempting to knock out PCs, they likewise specify that the blow is non-lethal. The PC’s HP drops to 0 only instead of to negative, and the PC is unconscious. While unconscious, the PC makes modified death saving throws:
    • If the PC rolls a 20, they may spend a healing surge.
    • If the PC rolls 10 – 19, they remain at 0 HP and unconscious.
    • The first time a PC rolls a 1 – 9, their body succumbs to the toll of its wounds. They cannot spend healing surges until the first time they make a short rest. They cease making modified death saving throws and simply remain unconscious until they are no longer at 0 HP.



House Rules

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