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This 4e D&D campaign is set in a homebrew world called Lor. The starting point for the campaign, in the kingdom of Maraan, is similar to the generic D&D world, but with some differences in races and in magic level.


It is the year 671. Your current city of residence is Gis Galen, one of the border cities in the middling kingdom of Maraan, where you and the other PCs are part of a special guard unit that deals with monstrous threats. Only a few weeks past, in Maraan’s nearest eastern neighbour, Paragaan, the highest ranking nobles assassinated their king and surrendered to the expansionist Empire of Cortel without a fight. Now tensions run high as all of Gis Galen holds its breath, waiting for the invasion that everyone believes is imminent. Peasants have been flocking into the city walls, food shortages threaten, and crime has soared higher than ever.

The local alliances among kingdoms have always been fraught with mistrust, and any other possible help is too far away. Today, your job is to take care of any threats within the city that the regular guards can’t handle, but tomorrow, you may be attempting to hold off an imperial skyfleet.


Main Page

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