Session 4: 11/29/2011

After recovering on the street above, the Lord Warden summoned Caelik and his team to explain the brief message about cannibalism that Caelik had sent. Lord Doric was not pleased that the team had lost Brandt, and after chewing them out, dismissed them for the night, ordering them to report at dawn the next day. Captain Keirnan of the Night Watch was ordered to keep a look out for anyone fitting Linder’s description, but come dawn, his men had found nothing.

Caelik’s team spent some time searching the sewers, but although they found Brandt’s corpse – which apparently rose as a zombie, although unknown to the rest of the group this was due to mere trickery on Rhea’s part – they returned to question the remaining butchers, beginning with Sanner Darr, the butcher whom Rhea and Seidhr had questioned the morning before.

Sanner was in the midst of packing up his belongings, stating that he planned to move on to a different city, due to the threat of war growing too close (and the people growing too hysterical). Upon being questioned, he explained that he was able to catch rats by baiting his traps with the corpses of other rats, explaining that the rats in cities. When the group insisted on seeing some of this bait, he sent his son, Sandred, to fetch it from the cellar. Rhea insisted upon going with him, which the young man protested; eventually, Sanner went down himself, and Sandred left in a huff. Aiowyn trailed him for a short while, but when he realized he was being followed, Sandred broke into a run and Aiowyn gave up the chase as not being worth it.

Meanwhile, Sanner suddenly knocked Rhea to the ground in the cellar, activating the unexpected defences of the room and locking her in with several oozing monsters. In the ensuing battle, Rhea was slain only shortly after the team managed to get the locked trapdoor open and try to go to her aid. Seidhr, trying vainly to reach beyond death to heal her, collapsed from magical exhaustion. Captain Caelik sent an urgent message to the Lord Warden, and the group retreated from the cellar – leaving Sanner locked within – to meet the reinforcements sent.



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